An Introduction to Web Hosting

Hello, for my first post I will introduce you to the world of web hosting the different types of web hosting. Throughout the years the webhosting industry has sprawled out into a wide range of niche markets. These markets are the different types of web hosting the two main ones are shared hosting and dedicated hosting, however there are many hybrid types in between. Keep in mind that all of these have pros and cons of some form or fashion.

Shared Hosting Shared web hosting is the most cost effective, very easy to use, and is often feature rich. Shared web hosting is also the most common type of web hosting service in the market. It is safe to say that a major portion of all websites you visit on the web are using this type of hosting.

As one would presume from the name, shared web hosting is arranged where many users share the hard drive space, bandwidth, and the other various resources availible.

The way shared web hosting is setup makes it a lost cost solution, that is also very easy to use and maintain even for brand new users. Don’t let the low prices fool you either, as this does not equate the amount of power and preformance these packages deliver, along with a full arsenal of other useful features usually included.

This is usually the best option for most web sites out there, being the perfect balance of value, simplcity, and very hassle free. Dedicated Hosting Decicated web hosting is the exact opposite shared web hosting, giving the utmost in control, flexibility, and also responsibility. This type off hosting gets you a server all to yourself and your web site needs, and since you do not have to share the same resources with any other users you can experience a superior level of control, flexibility, and performance.

With dedicated web hosting you are able to choose which type of software applications you want to use, the operating system, and also pick the security mechanisms you feel most comfortable with. Being that you will have so much control and so many choices to make it’s not recommended for inexperienced users, as you will need certain skills in order to administer and maintain the server. VPS Hosting VPS (virtual private server) web hosting is a relitively new technology that is growing rapidly in the web hosting industry. VPS hosting is made possible by using software to setup partitions on a single physical server to establish many virtual servers one that machine.

This process is known as virtualization, and creates a number of isolated environments that allows it to simulate many of the same functions as an individual server. This choice is typically better then shared web hosting, by providing guaranteed resources, with better performance and security.

With all these extras VPS hosting seems to be and is often seen as the perfect compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and all this with a price tag that’s much less than dedicated web hosting. Managed Hosting Managed web hosting is dedicated web hosting without the hassle of maintaining your own server, but is very costly.

This type of web hosting is provided by companies to relieve you of the complexities and technical challenges of a dedicated server. Server management is often the main feature of this type of service, but they usually provide other opitions ranging from web application and database administration to extensive support and monitoring.

This type of hositng is aimed at customers that need a dedicated server but may lack the technical abilities and known how to manage a dedicated server, also customers who may just not have the time needed to manage a server them selves. The biggest downside of this managed web hositng is the price tag, being considerbly more expensive than all the other types of web hosting, but depending on your needs the maybe the best and most cost efficient choice out there. Reseller Hosting Reseller web hosting is also another recent addition to the world of web hosting, it provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with the opportunity to cash in on the flourishing web hosting industry. If you choose a reseller hosting plan you’ll get a certain amount of bandwidth, disk space storage, and features.

Giving you the ammunition you’ll need to sell web hosting plans to customers that are looking to build their presence online. This is a pretty attractive web hosting plan that will allow you to pay a flat fee and also have the potential to generate a substantial income, on a relitively small investment. By selecting a respectable web hosting provider, you will be a to run your web hosting business seamlessly and transparently, allowing you to have the apperance of a large and established web hosting company.

As you can already see there is a large amount of offerings to choose from, this could prove to be a very daunting task, but by picking the right web hosting services it can give any individual or business the power to succeed online. On the bright side with so many web hosting companies out there on the market, you will certainly find the solution that best suits you and fits your needs as well as your wallet.

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