When You Have to Migrate Your Website to Another Hosting Provider?

Are you sure that you already have the best and reliable service from your hosting provider? In this article, we’re going to shed some light on you about 5 basic indicators to determine when you have to migrate your website to another hosting provider.

Mostly, people are hesitate to migrate their site to another hosting provider. Why? Because it needs some technical knowledges. Luckily, there are some good hosting providers who are standing by to help to migrate your website from the old hosting to the new hosting provider.

These are the 5 basic indicators when you have to migrate your webiste to another hosting provider:

1. Your Website often Meets a Serious Downtime, It becomes annoying when it comes without confirmation

Downtime is very bad for your overall reputation (SEO rankings, traffic, etc.). Nobody wants to visit a site that can not be accessed at all times. If your site meets the downtime a couple times of a week, it’s a clear indication that you have to think to migrate your website to another hosting provider. You can always ask for an explanation from your web hosting support team about the downtime that occurs. If they are not convincing in giving reasons and answers, then it’s time for you to migrate your website to another host.

2. Error Establishing Database Connection

If you often experience the “Error Establishing Database conncection” on your site, then it means that your site has grown to exceed the server capacity which is given by your web host. This error could also because you have installed wrong plugins in your site. In both these cases, your hosting support team should help you to this situation. If they can’t help, then you should turn to someone who will help. It means, you can switch to another proffesional hosting provider.

3. Suspended Website

Most of  web hosting provider has the right to take suspend action on your site, especially if there are illegal activities going on there. However, some particular hosting company will suspend a client account without notice or even things you don’t understand.Your web host should be concerned on your website because you have rented houses on them. If the hosting company suspended your site without notice, then you have to immediately send a confirmation to them and you have a right to receive an explanation from them. If your complaint against this suspension are not addressed properly, then immediately you should migrate your site another hosting provider which have better service and support.

4. The Lack of Support from The Hosting Support Team

A good customer service and hosting support is very important to you when selecting hosting service. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Does your hosting support team staff quickly respond? Whether they are experienced, have a good knowledge and help? Sometimes you will find a support team that doesn’t help you and just tell you to wait while your website is down, without giving any apparent reason. If you’re feeling less than satisfied with the support services provided by your web host right now, perhaps it is time for you to select a new and better hosting service.

5. Slow Loading Page

Speed is a factor that is very important to optimize your site for better user experience and higher search rankings. Usually, sites that are slow due to too many users on the server. In both cases, your hosting provider should be able to help you to figure out why your site is running slowly. If the problem is too many users, your web host should be able to advise whether you should upgrade your account or convey monitoring results very clear and without manipulation. So, you can see how much space you’ll need anyway.If you start having problems with your slow site or you have spendt more time to send the ticket to your hosting support team, perhaps it’s time for you to migrate your website to another hosting provider.

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