E-Commerce: How to Establish a successful online store?

What is the amount of text necessary? You’ve probably already asked how much text you need to publish on your homepage or a product description? You will find the answer in this article.

If you compare different web sites, you will find a wide variety of home pages: without some text, some with just a little text, and others with huge amounts of text. Then what is the way to go? Do I need a little or a lot of text? This is a question, you’ve probably already asked when you created your own site.

Yes, find an answer is anything but simple. Designer / Editor: two distinct visions.

If you ask designers, they will tell you to put as little text as possible is the best solution. Like most sites they have created looks great, they must certainly be right. Except that websites with great design are not necessarily those who sell more products.

If you ask the writers, they will tell you that we must put as much text as possible, and then you will make an offer calculated on the amount of words in the text. This, of course, you will immediately suspicious of their advice seemed interested.

Over the years, I found it extremely frustrating to be still and always caught between these two different views. And of course, when each of these two viewpoints is expressed with such conviction, you think that both are powerful without being really convinced by either.

Why compare their interests and goals?

A designer, for example, is interested in design and not by selling your products. Designers are just looking to create a site with the best appearance: with cool images and titles very well presented.

They will tell you that the title should not be longer than 30 characters, because otherwise their achievement would suffer. While forgetting that instead of worrying about the design, the important thing is the content site and above the sales it will generate. The titles are also very important because they are the best magnets to attract customers to your website.

The content editors, when to them, are generally interested in their writing ability, but often they do not care that their text’s main goal to sell your product. After all, who can blame them if your products do not sell? It’s not them who made the product, is not it?

How do you choose?

Fortunately, this is not lost. The answer is in the direct sale. After all, this is exactly your business. And your website is nothing but a way to make direct sales.

If you see your site in this way you will see that even if you submitted your site all the information about the products you sell, you do not what drives visitors to buy.

The advantage of this approach is that you can now apply all the rules, which were developed over 100 years in the world of direct sales to your website.

Did you know that over a letter of direct marketing that aims to sell, the longer it will generate sales?

It has been clearly demonstrated that up to sell more text – provided, of course, your text content has a very acceptable quality. A headline on your homepage, simply enough to challenge your clients. A text with interesting content will strengthen their interest and put you at ease, which will make them less hesitant to buy.

Can we conclude that the text is a major advantage?

There is another advantage of having a maximum of text on your home page: this is for referencing. A maximum of text on this page will provide a maximum of keywords on search engines and optimization of the classification. So make sure you include in your text the search terms used by your customers, which will improve your ranking in search engines. The combination of this tool and the relevance of the content of your homepage is the perfect alchemy for turning visitors into your customers.

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