3 New Sale tactics that can help your Hosting Company Increase Sales

As you know, the hosting market is over saturated and there are more and more hosting companies opening everyday making it harder and harder. But believe it or not, there still is money to be made within this oversaturated market. The key to success is offering the right “free” services that can drive targeted traffic to your website.. And I did say, “Targeted traffic”.

I will suggest 3 new sales tactics that I have researched that you can invest very little in and it will generate tons of quality traffic to your site which in return, will help you generate more needed sales. These tactics are not publicized and are fairly new from my research as ways for generating the right traffic to your site. But before you start, you need to choose a market niche and focus on it.

1. Add a free tutorial or article section to your website focusing specifically on your niche

Create a tutorial or article’s section linked to your website and post articles only about your niche. This is very important and will be different from other traditional article sites. Most article sites focus on all categories, but you will focus on your niche only. Like www.yourwebsitename.com, if ecommerce hosting is your niche. With this tutorial section, only include articles directly related to your market niche. There are many free articles you can find over the internet for reprint. If your niche is Ecommerce,. then include only articles related to ecommerce.

Don’t promote your product within any articles. If someone else wrote them, include their signature at the bottom. If you can find about 50-100 articles related to your niche, then Google will easily rank your site on these specific niche keywords higher in the search engine, because of your website quality content.

Your potential niche customers will find you in search engines more easy to read these articles and they will continue to come back to keep finding and reading information related to their business. And at the top of this page, they will see that you offer hosting related that their niche.

2. Add a Free Website visitor statistics service

Every website owner can benefit form this, especially if its free. You can offer it to webmasters for free, but the catch is that you limit the free accounts, this way your website resources and bandwidth want be abused. Now guest how you will make your money? Those people who come to your website and sign up for the free website visitor statistic service will also see your other services. Also, with your free traffic service that you offer to webmasters, you can also add a upgrade account with more features requesting that if they buy hosting from you, they can get the upgrade feature for free, or if they want to upgrade without becoming your customer, then charge them a the regular upgrade price.

3. Add a free online image compression tool to your clients

This is new and is great for hosting companies who offer ecommerce, photo sharing, or just general hosting. Now most hosting companies want their customers to use a lot of bandwidth so they can overcharge. But in this new market, more hosting companies are offering more and more bandwidth. So if you don’t give them what they want, someone else will. Don’t stop there, still just offering lots of bandwidth does not solve the main problem. Your customers sites are still slow, because their still is a good percentage of dialup users browsing the internet. There are many tools that can compress images on a website but all have advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that the hosting business can be very simple if you focus specifically on your niche. There are many ways to sell hosting, but to be successful you have to be creative at selling your products. Don’t do what every one else do. There are many tactics you just have to think outside the box. And remember to focus on your market niche.

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