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As soon as the user gets the website of his/her choice, his/her next step should be to search out the most suitable web host. The users who are new to web hosting generally they suffer the loss on relying the bad web hosting companies. When a user is in search of a hosting company, then generally all the companies present in the market claimed for availing best services but the when the time comes to provide the services all the promises gets vanished. Generally the companies that are not providing any website the required amount of bandwidth then, that particular website suffers with the title of slow and unprofessional website. This is not the end but poor customer service was also included. So, finding a dependable web host will be proved to be a wrong decision. One can search the services through search engines and forums but before going for anyone of them one needs to check few things about the web hosting company.

1. Integrity or reliability of the Company.

This is the most crucial factor one should check out while choosing any of the hosting company. If any company fails to provide the reliable services then the user may suffers the great loss of his/her money as well as the goodwill of his/her website. The aspect user should confirm prior is to check the hard-core network engineers run the company and they are on the block for at least 2 years. One should not opt the companies that are moving by immature people, no matters even if they offer cheap hosting service. One needs to check all the information as well as the terms of services properly. User can also go through the web host forum and reviews. User should also confirm the technology used by the company as well as the percentage of the uptime of most of its servers. User also needs to know if the company publishes its address as after the confirmation of every thing he/she needs to be sure if the company is legitimate or not.


The term unlimited bandwidth is not correct in actual terms. If one purchased the unlimited service, then his/her host might leave claiming that the website has been using unfair amount of system resources. While going for any hosting company the terms beware bandwidth usage and system resources have two different aspects. One should always go for the bandwidth one or two sizes bigger then the present requirement, as he/she desires to grow as the time passed. In the beginning the user will not require more amount of bandwidth as due to the poor traffic but after some time when the traffic and the popularity of the site increase then more amount of the bandwidth will required.


After bandwidth lets move on to the space. Mostly the web host provides a certain amount of space on its servers. The requirement of the space totally depends upon the user. If one purchased 5 MB of space it will be enough for the plenty of web pages and images of most of the business websites. But user can’t miss to check that, if this includes the mail and log files etc. If any web host provides all these services then it will give at least 15 MB space. User should save him/her self from purchasing expensive as well as over purchasing of space.

Dedicated vs. shared servers

Generally companies provide two types of servers; either dedicated or shared servers. In case of shared server the web space one gets might be shared by the number of other clients of the company. Using shared server is a very common trend. User will go for shared server if the user’s site is not having huge amount of traffic as well as the number of hits are less. Now on the other side if user’s site is quite popular and the graphics and images take more time to download, then he/she should definitely go for dedicated servers. In case of shared hosting user should be aware, that the same server does not host any adult or red flag site because some search engines hoe all the websites hosted on this kind of server.


Now finally we will discuss about a very crucial factor that is support. If any company wants to provide maximum satisfaction to its customer then the most favorable step for them is to provide maximum support to its customers. A simple and quick tool to verify the online and offline support that one may require is that he/she can mail his/her pre sales questions to the company and by its response time one can easily calculate the support of the company.

The final statement is that one should check out all the factors carefully before going for any of the company. One more thing, user should always think about the future also and should choose the company where there is the maximum scope of growth.

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