Role of WordPress in Designing Free Website

Everyone needs to promote the business by creating highly functional and striking website. Have confidence on your skills and get experience of designing your valuable website by getting our support. It is amazing that launching of new website takes no time. It is our promise to show your website online within a day. Clients prefer to book an order online, so provide them an authentic platform to enjoy your services. Bring some change in your life and have peaceful state of mind by getting one year free hosting from our company as a gift.

Benefits of Using WordPress Service

Simple Pattern to Follow

First of all, it is free for customers and does not demand website hosting charges or domain cost. It is admirable to change your old unappealing website or design new without paying a single penny. WordPress offers a lot of associated free resources to get benefit from. Save your amount by using latest themes, tools and templates to make the website more functional.

For beginners, it is the easiest pattern to follow and complete the website within few hours. Installation of WordPress needs to press single tab and after that a variety of themes are presented to select according to the type of business. There is an awesome dashboard and even a teenager can check the dashboard to find out the options.

Assistance for Users

It is highly important for a system to give assistance to users in case of any problem. Our platform is organized and solve out the matter at any point. Our service is free of charge and available round the clock.

Multi-functional WordPress Setup

People consider that websites designed by web developers play vital role in advertizing the business. The truth is that nothing is impossible in WordPress format. Designing a website and maintaining its impressive role is a technical procedure. In order to understand the features, one must get some guidance to comprehend the basic structure. Always remember! Nothing is as valuable as worth of time. If you are well-informed, it will save the time and your energy as well. Just install the simple setup of WordPress and plan an informative, engaging and motivating website for customers. Gone are the days, when professionals were appointed for this purpose as we have given an opportunity to install the free WordPress, use tools and get free of cost costing for 12 months.

Method of Designing a Website

(Part One) Select Building Platform

Online world offers hundreds of methods to design a website. In past, CSS, HTML and FLASH were the three platforms for website creation. Currently, the situation is totally changed. Now, almost 60 percent websites are designed by WordPress, 17 percent through Drupal and 6 percent by Joomla. Luckily, WordPress is distinguished due to following reasons:

Design the website without learning computer language such as HTML

The platform is free for customers and provides attractive layouts and themes

It is possible to give right of entry to multiple users to publish informative content to your website

Log in to dashboard of WordPress and add attractive videos and content

Website created through WordPress is highly professional and can be activated on tablets and mobiles

If it is your first business website, we suggest you to use WordPress as it is fastest and simplest.

Guidance for the Website Designers

As you know some of the benefits of WordPress, so it is the right time to use your skills and create a smart professional website to promote your services. It is an ideal way to design a website, better than paid solution. Our guidance has supported majority of customers (photographers, artists, writers and sellers) up till now to gain fruitful output through this system. Whether you are a freelancer, solicitor, technical expert or provide on-rent automobiles; use our free hosting service to earn great income.

(Part Two) Selection of Web Host & Domain Name

As you have selected WordPress your foremost platform, now bit by bit guidance is required for the designing of web page. It is important to disclose that domain name (name of website) as well as hosting (an authentic online service to link your website to internet) demands 3 to 4 dollars per month for these services. Luckily, our company reduces the monthly cost of customers and provides them free of charge 12 months speedy service. When our customers get hosting service, they are given an individual email account as well.

For beginners, here are some suggestions concerning domain name:

For businessmen, the domain name must be the name of their companies such as “”

If you are not going to promote a business, the better option is to use your name in domain.””

For those, who are confused and cannot find an attractive name as domain name, they must follow these suggestions:

If the website is about images or poetry, select the domain name “” or “”

Always use a domain name that is unforgettable so that users remember it and get login to site whenever they desire

Third significant aspect of domain name is beguiling power. Always select an attractive and catchy name that compel the viewers to visit the website

(Part Three) Designing of Website

Foremost point is installation of WordPress platform to selected domain. A certified and dependable hosting company provides an easy to follow installation setup for WordPress. Just browse the cPanel hosting till the WordPress installation system is selected. Here are the two basic methods for the installation of WordPress:

1-      Single Click Fastest Installation

Check the control panel of your account for the single click installation setup. This procedure is offered to customers, who have selected hosting company. Now follow the given methods to get quality results:

First of all, get log in to hosting account

Visit the control panel

Search for the icon “WordPress”

Select the button “Install Now”

View new website for additional modifications

2-      Customers’ Support

You are facing any problem; join the customer center for WordPress immediate installation link.

Select the Appropriate Layout or Theme for Website

As WordPress is launched to domain, it is the time to move forward for theme selection and suitable layouts. Move to dashboard of WordPress and bring some changes in the themes. It is the way to make your website striking. If you do not know the dashboard access process, just use

Second step is based on apposite theme selection. Whatever is the subject of website, the theme should support it. WordPress Dashboard gives access to above 1500 amazing themes to choose from. For professional or advance business supporters, we suggest you to view for more coverage. It is our suggestion to check all the free themes as there are many professionally designed themes as well.

Finding a theme for website is quite simple; just you need to select the right keyword. After selecting the suitable web page theme, choose the “install” option to activate the settings. It takes a few minutes to explore hundreds of themes but the search is valuable as it shows free incredible themes. In case, the available themes are not appealing, skip the step and move forward. Modification or change in the theme does not remove the preceding posts, content or pages. It means, themes can be selected or edited whenever the website owner requires.

Always remember!

If your website is particular for mobile users, explore the themes by using the “responsive” keyword.

Informative Content and Creation of Web Page

As your favorite theme is installed on the website, now start creating relevant content to allure the customers. Obviously, content needs to add new pages that is also an easy to complete procedure.

How to Add Pages?

If you are going to add a page concerning “Services” or “About Company”, you are requested to move over the dashboard and search for tab “Pages”, then move to “Add New” tab. In order to position the newly added pages to your website menu, visit the “Appearance”, and then move to tab “Menus” to include the pages in the list.


For customers, who are interested to have new blogs on the website, WordPress provides a wide range of categories to select.

For instance,

A new category is required to be added, named as “Blog”. Just include the category to menu to start creating posts.

Design a category by moving to the tab “Posts” and select the option “Categories”

Design blog post through visting “Posts” and click on the tab “Add New”

As soon as the blog post is created, it is needed to add appropriate category

How to Change the Tagline and Title of Website?

The procedure to modify the tagline as well as the title does not consume more than three to four minutes. Visit the “Setting” and select “General” to provide the required information.

How to Disbale Pages and Posts’ Comments?

There are many websites that do not offer the clients to give their suggestions or feedback. As you have designed a new web page, select “Screen Options”and disable the comments through “Discussion”. Conversely, “Allow Comments” small box will emerge and turn off the option “Allow Comments”.

There is option to turn off the comments for a particular page or all the added web pages. For all pages disable comments, select “Settings” then move to Discussion and switch off the given options.

Static Front Page

For customers who desire to have static front page, we request to follow the below mentioned procedure:



Choose static page

In case, this option is not selected, WordPress will choose the current posts on the homepage.

Change of Sidebar

Majority of themes on WordPress have a particular sidebar positioned on right corner. If you cannot find the sidebar, check it on left side.

In order to remove the selected categories, archives and Meta; check the option “Appearance” then the option “Widgets” and get the required result. It is used to insert various boxes in the sidebar.  A text box or HTML box is available here for professionals to use authentic HTML coding.

How to Install   Plug-ins for Functional Website?

For a functional website, it is necessary to have appropriate plug-ins. With the help of various plug-ins, newly created website becomes more valuable, engaging and matchless. All the users are allowed to personalize the plug-ins installation as per the website pattern. In order to initiate the installation process, follow the given guideline:

Visit “Plug-ins”

Move to “Add New”

Keep on exploring the new plug-ins

It is significant that WordPress offers above 25,000 plug-ins which are totally free to use. Each plug-ins has special setup and attribute, so check out the aspects of plug-ins before making selection.

Benefit of Contact Form

If you want to have direct connection with the customers, use contact form option. Usually, the website owners select the About Me tab to install a contact form. It is remarkable as it gives an opportunity to users to fill the given form and contact with the service provider.

Facebook Box

One more important aspect is Facebook Box which is positioned on sidebar. It plays an important role in motivating relevant traffic to your website. Provide a link of facebook page to get the likes or comments of fans.


If you have made up your mind to add forum to your website, search for “bbPress” and tag on the tutorials. In fact, hundreds of plug-ins are offered to make website as professional web developers create.

Role of WordPress in Upgrading the Website Standard

It is true WordPress is mostly selected for ease of use and economical packages, but there are other motives also that force an online user to create WordPress based website. Some of the salient features are given below:

Google Preference for WordPress

All the activities to promote a business are designed to follow the systematic approach of Google. It has been noticed that simple to use setup, layouts, themes and paralinks have given importance by Google. It is a general concept that Google admires the websites created by the WordPress platform. If we talk about Search Engine Optimization, such websites are generally placed on the first page.

Option to Keep on Developing the Website

WordPress is not a static system. It is based on variations and developments. If you have designed a website two or three years ago, it is time to modify the website as the WordPress keeps on introducing latest features to meet the needs of users. There are interesting new plug-ins, imaginative themes and tools to improve the performance of your website. A remarkable fact about this platform is which is being utilized by notable brands such as Flickr, People and New York Times blog etc.

Choose Themes for a Classy Website

If you are not satisfied with the style or design of website, no need to hire web developer for a new website. WordPress is efficient in re-designing the websites with new themes. On this platform, themes are available just like an open source. Everyone is given permission to select a theme and install it for the website. Interestingly, the themes are created by keeping in mind the mobile site features as well.

Secure Setup of WordPress

It is true WordPress installation is less than five minutes process. It is simple to install the setup and easy to make changes in it. Website owners are concerned to improve the security features to avoid any uncertain condition. As soon as, WordPress new version is launched, the users are informed and given an option to update the system.

Free of Cost Platform

Most captivating feature is free of charge installation offer. It is an open source so all the latest and upgraded features are within the access of website owners. The users are not asked for hidden charges. If you have personalized a website, WordPress will never ask for payment. Conversely, the free package is up to the mark and the users have given remarkable facilities to design the serviceable, attractive and appealing website within a day.

Exceptional Services of CMS and Visual Editor

The instinctive, salient and user-friendly attribute of WordPress is CMS and Visual Editor. If you have ever used Joomla or Drupal, you can understand how simple the features and how engaging the tools on WordPress. Now Post types, trash, revision histories, galleries and comments are added for more compatible environment.

Do not waste even a single second and choose the most dependable way to trigger your worldwide customers. Needless to get worried because the WordPress is helpful for beginners and our step-by-step will assist in completing the website successfully.

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