Does Web Hosting Fraud Exist, if it Does How it Works?

If it is to good to be true it probably is!

Maybe you are looking to host your website or you are already hosting your site with a web hosting provider at this time.

In Todays world finding reliable partners online has become a huge task. The only way to avoid this is by acquiring trustable knowledge.

Avoiding the never ending talk about bad hosting services or low cost hosting providers with non existent support I would like to focus now in one of the dirtiest things you will ever hear about several web hosting providers overselling their real web space to several people like you with few or non previous experience in this Industry.

What is web hosting overselling?

This is when a Web Hosting provider sells the same space of Server space to several costumers. so they share this space, traffic or bandwidth with as many deceived costumers as they want, but you the costumer will never know the true unless you start to reach your “real” web hosting account limits.

For example:

If they say in your hosting account that you got 1500 GB (In reality you hare “sharing” 150 GB or less) – This 150 GB are being shared with as many costumer they can oversell from 1500 to over 15.000 costumers in many cases. if each costumer has only one site (many offer unlimited sites to host) Just make the numbers: 150GB for 1.500 people your site is literally surrounded by sharing sites all struggling and growing daily and you in the middle.

Finding a reliable Web Hosting is not different.

Many Hosts lie to you with empty promises and you even have to compromise to pay for something you really do not own at all.

I will not go into unnecessary technical stuff here but only the facts you need. This way the next time you will avoid falling deceived.

Still confused? no problem…

Let´s put it this way with an practical example:

Mr J.J Is offered to lend/buy for his new factory, farm or business over 100.000 acres of land in south Florida, for only 100 usd/month! WOW This Sounds like a dream come true for him!

He closes the deal and rapidly moves to the new location. After only 3 weeks he decides it is time to use the space he owns and built a big factory, but after he has built it Mr JJ starts crossing the field he believes owns and suddenly starts to see not one but Hundred of farms and factories around him all sharing the space the he paying for!! What?

Mr JJ thinks, Hey! I don´t want anyone to use My land am paying for it, but all the others people say the same they all have been deceived! Sadly Mr JJ realize he has its factory already installed and worst just next to him there is a Huge Factory complex really close to him growing and expanding fast..! Eating all Your land and space..!

You have nothing to do you have built your farm there already you dot fell confident enough to move again and Go. You just sit and have to shut up and wait for the others not to overload the few acres you got and kick you out of “your” land/place.. Guess what?

You are have been deceived by this Land Lender/Seller! – Will you continue paying to them after all the lies they have made you eat by force? No I say!

I will run away and the minimum I´d do is to Stop giving my hard earned money to this people!

Here you have it.

So if you think you own a huge web hosting account for a low sum below $10 usd Think Twice on the example I provided above. This is the sad true you had to know and now you know it. what you do with this knowledge depends on you only now.

Not all, but a Lot of Web Hosting Providers are overselling the same Fancy Numbers to their costumers telling them nice lies while they hide the ture in their small servers They will try to sell you things like:

1850 GB Web Space, 255500 GB Web Traffic for only 3,99 usd / month ( Common sense is so important in life!)

Will you believe this? Hey I know several BIG Internet hosting and servers headquarters but they still use servers similar to your or my personal computer! I don´t know yours but mine has 120 GB hard disk space and Win Vista. – But I guess I can start selling 1500 GB web accounts by tomorrow.. $$ Heck I could make a fortune fast, unless someone realizes I am overselling… shhhhhh! – lol

Many are just resellers getting (fake) unlimited accounts and putting any numbers they like to attract

non-educated costumers to them.

Once you pay and move your site or business there you are trapped in this spider net and will not be easy to move on after that.

Well you still can move your business to a more reliable web hosting service if you want to stop this. and it will not be complicated for expert staff never mind how big your website is. You must be in the safe side if the harbor.

But this is only up to you and how comfortable you feel after knowing you are very probably being deceived by your hosting provider. Remember

Hope I have helped you to realize in how profitable this fake web hosting business can be for many so called hosting companies.

I urge you to choose a service where you can rest assured that you get what you paid for. Hope my honest and clear advice helps you not to fall victim of any fake hosting provider in the future and to give you the courage to move on if you have felt into one already.

Think twice before ordering and buying empty words and promises.

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